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Kotukutuku Quarter (NZ Fuchsia)

Kotukutuku Quarter (NZ Fuchsia)

COLOR: Soda Grey [36]
SIZE: One Size

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Kotukutuku Quarter (NZ Fuchsia) - One Size


Fuchsia excorticata the New Zealand Fuchsia also known as Kotukutuku, is a New Zealand native tree belonging to the family "Onagraceae". It is found commonly throughout New Zealand and as far south as the Auckland Islands. It grows from sea level up to about 1,000 m, particularly alongside creeks and rivers. Kotukutuku are easily recognised in their native environment by the characteristic appearance of their bark, which peels spontaneously, hanging in red papery strips to show a pale bark underneath.

The tree caught my eye for the first time because of the light that glows around the tree which is probably due to the orange bark. The flowers though small can be very abundant and are really beautiful.

The quarter is so called because in a wall composition it occupies one quarter along side the larger square.
That is four quarters grouped with equal spacing equals the area of the square.

Combinations of this are fun to arrange in the Wall Art APP



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WIDTH: 8.0cm
HEIGHT: 8.0cm
DEPTH: 6.0cm
WEIGHT: 200.0gm